Coventry Glen Realty 

Property Management Services

Our professional services include the following areas of expertise:

●    Initial evaluation of each property for necessary repairs, maintenance, and potential
      rental income.

    Focused marketing of the property to prospective tenants through yard signs, property
      fliers, Multiple Listing Service, and TAMU Aggie Search web site.

    Careful pre-screening of prospective tenants through tenant applications, financial and
      criminal background checks, and lease guarantors as needed.

●    Thorough orientation of new tenants for leasing guidelines, move-in responsibilities, and
      complete execution of all lease-related forms.

●    Periodic inspection of the properties for preventive maintenance issues and lease
      compliance issues such as pets, unauthorized roommates, and property condition, and
      HOA issues.

    Timely rent collection efforts as needed to ensure timely payment of rent in full and
      prompt remittance of owner proceeds and owner proceeds statements.

    Early tenant communications to coordinate lease renewal or re-leasing strategies as
      needed to minimize vacancy expense to the property owner.

    Good tenant relations to encourage long term occupancy of each group of tenants in
      order to minimize vacancy and make ready expenses.

●    Professional supervision of the move-out process to manage tenant responsibilities and
      tenant obligations per the lease terms as well as statutory requirements for security
      deposit disposition.

    Cost effective repairs and maintenance of each property in order to maintain good tenant
      relations and long term preservation of the property’s value.

    Annual strategic planning with each owner for each property in order to review the past
      year’s operations and to plan for addressing future revenue and expense issues such as
      rental rates, property values, and capital improvements.


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